Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Agape Love of BBF's

I do not have a huge circle of friends; at least not that I would consider “close”.
I have some relatively new friends (from church, FW’s, etc.) that are wonderful…without a doubt.

But this post is about “old friends”.
One in particular. We were saxophone-playing-band-geeks together since the start of middle school. We now live a block apart. As I have coined the term, she’s one of my few BBF’s. Not BFF (best friend forever—for you texting lingo novices).
Before Boobs Friend
Anyone that you have known since before puberty—that is still your friend—is special…without a doubt.
We have virtually watched each other’s entire lives…
School. Boyfriends. Heartbreaks. Husbands. Children. Careers.
And all the joys and disappointments in between.
About a year ago, I received an Editors Choice Award on FaithWriters for The Stalker’s Curse. I was overwhelmed by the incredible comments I received; not just a line or two, but paragraphs. They were beyond affirming and encouraging.
However, it was the personal email from my BBF that I wanted to share with you:


That was beautiful. I do not have the words to let you know how great of a mother, wife, friend, writer/author, sister you are. I truly value your friendship and presence in my live. I am blessed and a better person just because I know you. You are the only person I know who can listen and not judge.

That last line was probably the best compliment of my life. I am so honored to be that kind of friend to someone, and to have that kind of friend in her.
I pray that we all could have that kind of Agape Love in our relationships…and friends that knew us before we really ever knew ourselves.

*If any of my recent posts seem vaguely familiar, it is because I am trying to centralize my blogposts here at Blogger.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jesus Spam

I get oodles of spam. The sicko cyber monkeys are convinced that I have “manhood” issues, and I am in great need of a couple thousand replica Rolexes.


But the most disturbing spam I get deceives the all the fancy spam filters…

Jesus Spam.

Oh yes…you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a sweet/sad/sappy/pseudo inspirational story you’ve see a frillion times, adorned with lots of tacky Jesus/angel glittering clipart. With a catch…if you TRULY believe, you will forward this to ten people.

If you truly love me—the one who has bestowed you with this cyber-prayer—you will forward this to fifteen people PLUS me to prove your love.

If you don’t want Jesus to deny you, don’t deny him by deleting this and not forwarding it to your entire address book.

Oh, and my absolute favorite:

If you forward this to 5 people, you will receive a blessing within 5 days. If you send it to twenty, the blessings will come tenfold in 1 day. If you forward it to more than one hundred, Michael the Archangel will give you a pedicure….


I don’t care if your email promises to jinx me for 13 years and have my hair pulled out strand by strand by Hitler’s ghost if I delete it…

If you send me that nonsense I shall delete it before the cyber monkeys know what hit them.

Yes, that means you, too. You know who you are.